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Stade De France | Rugby World Cup 2023 

 Paris | Rugby World Cup 2023 

Saint-Denis, 93200

Capacity - 80,023  

Stade de France is the home of French Rugby and will host the opening ceremony as well as the final. Built as the main venue for the 1998 FIFA World Cup, it has a capacity of just over 80,000. 

In total, Stade de France has hosted 97 men’s test matches, including the RWC 1999 quarter-final and the France 2007 final. South Africa beat England in both of those matches, and the Springboks will return to the iconic stadium on 23 September 2023 to play Ireland, the first time that fixture will be played at Rugby World Cup. 

Stade de France will host 10 matches at RWC 2023, including the mouthwatering opening match between Les Bleus and the All Blacks, both semi-finals, the bronze final and the final. 

For more information about the stadium please visit: 

Getting to Stade de France: access and transport ( 

Accessible Paris 

The website and app offer information about wheelchair-accessible streets, transportation and timetables, and real-time elevator status. If you choose to take a train or Metro, it does require some planning. First, make sure that both departure and arrival stations are wheelchair accessible and that the elevators are in order. 

Getting There by Public Transport 

Directions will be displayed on your hotel notice board and you are recommended to photograph the notices prior to leaving your hotel to keep on your phone for handy reference.  In general, the following routes and transportation will take you to the stadium: 

Easiest access to Stade de France is via Metro Line 13. Take the metro from stations Montparnasse (25 minutes), Invalides (20 minutes) and Saint-Lazare (15 minutes) and alight at Saint-Denis Porte de Paris. More details are available on including public transport maps, timetables and fare information. 

To reach the stadium by RER (metro extension) note that both RER lines B and D can be taken from station Châtelet (10-minute ride) and Gare de Nord (5-minute ride). If you take line B, get off at La Plaine Stade de France, if line D get off at Stade de France Saint Denis. RER B also runs directly from Paris Charles de Gaulles and Orly airports.



RER (Suburban train) B: La Plaine Stade de France station 

  • 4 minutes from Gare du Nord and 8 mins from Châtelet 



RER (Suburban train) D: Stade de France - St Denis station 

  • 5 minutes from Gare du Nord and 9 mins from Châtelet  

All information regarding RER trains can be found at :  

Please note that the closer you are to the stadium when boarding a metro, bus, or the RER the more likely that the transportation will be crammed or full having filled up with passengers further up the line. 



Underground line 13: St Denis - Porte de Paris station 

  • 16 minutes from Saint-Lazare station, 20 minutes from Invalides and 25 mins from Montparnasse 



Underground line 12: Aubervilliers - Saint-Denis Front Populaire 

  • 15 minutes from Saint-Lazare station, and 30 minutes from Montparnasse 
  • One train every 5 mins depending on events  

Line 12 (from the Concorde Rugby Village) – Stop: Front Populaire 

All information regarding metro lines can be found at : 

Tram line 1 connects the stadium with Paris’ eastern suburbs. 


Tramway n°1 (St Denis Basilique stop) 


Tramway n°1 (St Denis Basilique stop) 

Alternatively take bus no. 139 / 153 / 173 / 255 / 350 

Post-match all public transportation is crowded, and large queues are the norm.  The metro and RER stations close to the stadium normally open their ticket barriers post-match to avoid queues at scanning turn styles, you will however be required to scan yourself out of a station at the end of your journey. 

When travelling on a single ticket, to travel legally, you must have a ticket for the Stade de France Saint Denis station (RER D) or La Plaine Stade de France (RER B). Ticket'T tickets are not valid in zone 2. 

Paris Match Day Travel Cards 

If your travel package includes match day travel cards, this will have been confirmed in your original booking confirmation and will also be detailed in your final travel itinerary. These will be distributed at your hotel from the England Rugby Travel team staffing our desk and will allow you to use all of the public transport networks in zone 1-3 untitled ( the metro. Tramway, bus and RER on a 24 hour day. 

A passport must be carried with you as this may be requested on public transport when using 24-hour/day travel cards when spot security checks are made. 

When using a Paris 24-hour/day travel card: please note that these are not valid for a 24-hour period across two calendar days and are instead valid for the 24-hour calendar day only. 

Once you pass midnight the card is invalid, however you will be able to leave a metro station or RER station post-midnight providing you had already started your journey prior to midnight when the card expired. 

When using a Paris 24-hour/day travel card, please ensure you have completed the required information on the card prior to travelling, fines may be imposed if this information is not written on the card. Valable le = Valid on (date you are travelling). NOM = surname, Prenom = First name. Do carry photo ID with you when using a day travel card as transport security may make checks. 

Semi-Finals match day travel in Paris 

When a Paris 24-hour card has been included in your travel package this will have been noted in your booking confirmation and final travel itinerary, please carry both travel cards to the game as post-midnight you can then use the second card travel card received which will be valid from 00:01 on Saturday 21 until 23:59 of the same day. 

Should you have any questions regarding match day travel whilst on holiday, do visit our friendly team at the England Rugby Travel desk situated in your hotel or call our customer service helpline +44(0) 330 33 22 656. 

Welcome to France! | Rugby World Cup 2023