In a nutshell: France's gourmet capital likes to think itself superior to Paris. It might be.

Don't miss: Fourviere amphitheatre, Vieux Lyon, Rue Merciere restaurants

You don't have to spend long in Lyon to realise that it is in long-standing competition with Paris – and that it is pretty sure it is winning. Here, it says, is a city with a greater and a more visible history than its much-praised rival; a hotspot of fine cuisine that offers better restaurants than the capital. Why, it is even a superior option when it comes to the basics of geography, sitting on the banks of two major rivers – the Rhone and the Saone – where the metropolis up north can only manage one (the Seine). You don't even need to bother with Paris, some of the locals may try to tell you. Lyon has everything you require.

Content supplied by the Telegraph’s travel expert Chris Leadbetter