England Rugby Travel is the exclusive Official Travel Agent in Great Britain for Rugby World Cup 2019™
What are the benefits of buying an official Rugby World Cup 2019 travel package with England Rugby Travel?

We are England Rugby’s own travel company so we are there to give rugby fans a genuine rugby and travel experience.

As such, we have been appointed by World Rugby as the UK’s sole travel agent for Rugby World Cup 2019 which means our reputation within the marketplace, history and reassurances to fans who wish to travel won’t be beaten.

Since England Rugby Travel was launched in 2005, we have created and delivered thousands of memories for fans across the world at all major tournaments.

Not only are your tickets 100% official, but our travel and accommodation experts will help create an experience that makes it easy for you to simply enjoy Japan. Our staff will be with you from the moment you book until the moment you land back in the UK. It can be a daunting experience travelling across the world which is why we will assist with travel arrangements while in Japan, matchday travel, special events and a great choice of package options.

By travelling with England Rugby Travel nothing is left to chance and our reputation speaks for itself.


I want to buy ticket only, can you help me?

As an Official Travel Agent for the tournament, we are unable to sell tickets on their own. All of our packages contain either flights or accommodation – to make it easy for you to create the best experiences.

This is not just the case for Rugby World Cup. All of our packages, for every tournament contain a ticket, travel or accommodation.


How many fans do you expect to travel to Japan for the Rugby World Cup 2019?

Our aim is to make the home nations the best supported team at the tournament. Our pre-sale Priority Access Pass scheme was the most successful ever – thousands of fans indicated their interest in travelling with a fully refundable £250 Priority Access Pass.

From the home nations, we believe England will have the biggest following and as at every major world event, thousands of England fans will travel officially to support the team. Wales and Scotland can also be expected to be supported well by travelling fans.


A rugby tour with the lowest price of around £5,999pp makes it beyond the budget of many fans - why is the price so high?

Rugby World Cups are now the third biggest sporting event in the world, behind the Olympics and the football World Cup.

As such, demand for official tickets, travel services and accommodation is always at a premium. This is also the first Rugby World Cup to be held in Asia which has only increased the demand across the world.

All of our packages are benchmarked against other major events, such as the Ryder Cup and Olympics to ensure consumers and fans are receiving the best value for money as well as security their packages are official and guaranteed.


I purchased a Priority Access Pass, at what point will this be deducted from my chosen package?

The £250 from your Priority Access Pass will be deducted from the final balance you have to pay.


Do you offer any payment plans?

Yes, we absolutely do. At the time of booking you will be advised as to the payment terms as per the contract you agree with us.

They are broken down over stages – usually three of four – to make it simpler to manage and our staff will be able to assist with any payment questions.


Are the hotels in Japan non-smoking?

Hotels in Japan differ from the UK because they offer smoking and non-smoking rooms. At this stage, we are unable to confirm in our allocations for each property which rooms will be smoking or non-smoking.

It is our intention to offer as many non-smoking rooms to our clients as possible at the time of booking and we will advise accordingly.