Even though it’s just a 20 minute train ride from Tokyo, Yokohama has a place, history and culture all of its own.

It will be the final destination on England’s pool crusade and they will face the mighty French in a battle of the ages and potentially one of the biggest games.

Yokohama is sure to be packed with England fans and they will relish the breezy bay, music scene and wide, inviting streets. No trip to Yokohama would not be complete without a trip the Cup Noodles Museum. The highlight is the chance to design your own cup noodle by colouring your cup, selecting ingredients and having it air-sealed to take home!

A trip to the Yokohama Port Museum is also a must-do and after a day’s exploring, the many microbreweries will be able to quench the thirst of any England fan.

Yokohama is a great antidote to the non-stop hustle of Tokyo – the bay will be a delight and if you are lucky, there will be some left-overs from Yokohama Oktoberfest held in the Akarenga Soko in the early part of the month, which features 130 different ales.

What more could you want on a Rugby World Cup experience of a lifetime?

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If you’d love to see England in action or any games in the knock out stages, including being able to say ‘I was there’ at the Final, send your request for a great late chance to play your part in Japan.