What would a massive sporting event be without some fun facts! We have dug around to pick out a few great little snippets that make up Japan – from geography, to culture, to children – peek below so you know what to expect. Enjoy!

  • Japan, which is called "Nihon" or "Nippon" in Japanese, is made up of 6,852 islands
  • There is an average of 1500 earthquakes yearly in Japan due to its location in the Ring of Fire (but most of them can't be felt)
  • Trains in Japan are the most punctual in the world with an average delay of only 18 seconds
  • There are more pets than children in Japan
  • More than 50,000 people in Japan are over 100 years old. About 21% of the country's population is elderly - one of the highest proportions in the world
  • There are about 5.52 million vending machines around the country
  • In some companies, it is acceptable to sleep during working hours as it is seen as being tired from hard work (though there are rules)
  • Many mobile phones are waterproof in Japan, because teenagers are using them even in the shower
  • Almost everyone can read and write in Japan; literacy is about 99%
  • There are 18 World Heritage Sites in Japan - 14 cultural and four natural sites
  • In Japan, people are interested in your blood type - it is a common question just like someone asking your Zodiac sign
  • The world’s oldest company, Kango Gumi, had a history of 14 centuries and operated from 578 to 2006 in Osaka
  • Square watermelons are produced in Japan to ease the burden among the farmers to stack and store the fruits



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