From its neon nightlife and filmset style, to ancient gardens, wonderful markets and great restaurants, Tokyo will be a place on everyone’s bucket list at Rugby World Cup 2019™.

If you love heights, exploring, getting away from it all and great rugby, you have come to the right place and we have picked 10 fantastic things to experience when you are in Tokyo.

Imperial Palace East Gardens

If you would like a break from the sprawling city, then you can head over to the Imperial Palace East Gardens, a pocket of greenery and historic structures, between the modern skyline. The foundations of the castle tower, built in 1638, remain in the gardens and is a great photo opportunity. Where old buildings used to sit, a gorgeous collection of trees and plants have now taken over.

The perfect spot for a relaxing walk in serenity, the gardens are only a 10 minute walk away from Tokyo Station.

Tokyo National Museum

One of the most interesting sites in Tokyo and a great way to increase your knowledge of the history and culture of Japan is the Tokyo National Museum.

The museum hosts one of the largest collections of art and archaeological artefacts in Japan, with up to 110,000 individual items included. The museum is split into six different buildings which each specialize in a different type of art.

Access to the museum couldn’t be simpler! It is just a five minute walk from Ueno Station.

Mount Mitake

If you want a break from the city streets, then why not take a short trip to the outskirts of Tokyo and hike up Mitakesan (Mount Mitake).

The main attraction is the gorgeous shrine with a variety of colours popping out everywhere. However, the journey doesn’t have to stop there. With various hiking opportunities, you can get to see some of the most beautiful parts of Japan. There is an opportunity to scale the mountain even further, where you will get some of the best views imaginable with picturesque landscapes from every angle.

Tokyo Solamachi

If you fancy a bit of retail therapy to finish off an exciting day in Tokyo, then the Tokyo Solamachi, which directly translates to ‘Tokyo Sky Town’, is ideal for you.

The complex, which is based at the bottom of the Tokyo Skytree, features over 300 established and original shops and restaurants. Want to try a local delicacy? The complex hosts a huge range of foods and four floors filled with a variety of restaurants.

If you prefer to find a souvenir for a loved one back home, you can do that too! There are plenty of unique and traditional places that offer everything from Japanese salts to crafts and goods.

Tokyo Disneyland

An absolute must for any Disney fan out there! The first Disney theme park outside of the United States, it was opened in 1983. They have seven different themes ranging across the park from Tomorrowland (An out of space theme with future technologies) to Westernland (A US western frontier theme).

Just a five minute walk from JR Maihama Station or just outside the Tokyo Disneyland Station itself, Disneyland is definitely an experience not to miss!

Robot Restaurant

The Robot Restaurant is a crazy, wacky way to see Tokyo in all its glory. Head to this over-the-top spot in Shinjuku to see live ‘robot’ shows intermixed with traditional Japanese culture like festival dances and taiko drumming, with plenty of neon sprinkled on top.

It’s basically the craziest floor show you can possibly imagine - and tons of fun! It’s like being served dinner by C3P0.

Koishikawa Botanical Garden

Idyllic plants and landscapes are probably not the first image that enters your mind when someone mentions Tokyo, however, there are lots of opportunities to take in some glorious nature that Tokyo has to offer. One of the best examples of this is the Botanical Garden.

Owned by the most prestigious University in Japan, the gardens host a few thousand species of trees and plants. As you wonder through, your senses will be overloaded as colours pop from plant to plant and the aromas fill the air.

This is the perfect opportunity to have a relaxing afternoon stroll through some of Tokyo’s most beautiful areas.

Toyosu Fish Market

Toyosu hosts Japan’s largest and busiest fish market and one of the biggest in the world. If you want a real taste of Japanese culture, then get down to the market first thing in the morning to see the tuna auction.

There is a whole selection of fish to choose from, from the abundance of stores in and around the market – they even sell sea urchins!

Asakusa Temple

Immerse yourself in the beauty and history of Tokyo’s oldest temple. In a city full of temples, the Sensoji Temple is one not to be missed!

After passing the famous entrance gate, Kaminarimon and its large red lantern, you’ll reach Nakamise Dori – the oldest shopping street in Japan! Browse the traditional Japanese craft items as you make your way to the Temple’s main hall. And once inside don’t forget to look up! The incredible paintings on the ceiling are a sight to behold.

This site is also home to the 5-storied pagoda which stands an incredible 53 metres tall. There aren’t many of these in Japan so don’t forget your camera!

Tokyo Skytree

One of the most popular spots in the whole of Japan, the Tokyo Skytree towers above the city skyline. It comes in at 634 metres, making it the tallest structure in the country.

The highlight are the observation decks located at various heights along the tower. The first observation deck offers a shop, café and even a restaurant if you want to take in beautiful city views while you eat.

Once you’ve finished taking in the breath-taking sights, then you can add to your experience further by browsing the plethora of shops and restaurants at the base of the tower. It even has its own Aquarium!