Nara was Japan’s first permanent capital and one of the country’s most stunning destinations.

With eight World Heritage Sites, it is second only to Kyoto as Japan’s cultural legacy and will be a remarkable ticket on a rugby fan’s bucket-list. The centrepiece is the Daibutsu (Great Buddha), which rivals Mount Fuji and Kyoto’s Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji) as Japan’s single most impressive sight. The Great Buddha is housed in Tōdai-ji, a soaring temple over-looking Nara-kōen, a park filled with other fascinating sights that lends itself to relaxed strolling amid greenery and tame deer.

Nara is also compact which makes it great to explore and soak up. No matter how you choose to experience this wonderful city, the discovery that awaits fans from across the globe will be a special one.