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How will Brexit affect travelling to Japan for Rugby World Cup 2019™?

With Britain potentially leaving the European Union in April 2019, Britons are rightfully concerned about how their travel plans will be affected. Will I need a visa to travel outside of the UK? What steps do I need to take to travel further afield? We hope to answer any Brexit travel related questions you could have ahead of the Rugby World Cup™ and other rugby holidays you might have planned.


Will my journey to Japan for Rugby World Cup 2019 be affected?

As the Rugby World Cup begins after Britain is set to leave the EU, it is normal to worry about how it will affect your plans to travel to Japan. In short, if you are booked to travel to Japan with England Rugby Travel your plans should not be affected. Likewise, anyone due to travel outside of Europe should not be affected in any way. Any changes concerning Brexit will be related to the countries within the EU.

Will I need a visa to travel to Japan?

As long as you are a British Citizen and have a valid passport, you are entitled to visit Japan for up to 90 days without a visa. The Rugby World Cup 2019 lasts a total of 44 days so you won’t need to worry booking through England Rugby Travel. If you wish to extend your stay beyond 90 days, please speak to us, or visit the Foreign Office website for advice: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/japan/entry-requirements 


Will I have to get a new passport?

There are many questions about whether or not you’ll need a new passport post-Brexit, but these concerns are largely related to travelling to EU countries. Your passport only needs to be valid whilst you’re in Japan. No additional period of validity is required beyond this. Top tip: You must carry your passport with you at all times when travelling in Japan, as you are legally required to produce it upon request if asked by a police officer or officials.


Will there be any changes to travel insurance?

Make sure any policies that you take out yourself include compensation for delays and cancellations. However, your travel should be largely unaffected for the Rugby World Cup. England Rugby Travel offers you the option to take out travel insurance, so please speak to our team to find out more on how you will be covered post-Brexit.  It’s entirely up to you if you want us to arrange your travel insurance or if you want to arrange your own.


What about data roaming charges?

Only 3G and 4G capable UK handsets will work in Japan and International roaming is expensive; so if you plan to use mobile data in Japan, it could be worth buying a pre-paid Japanese data SIM Card for use during your stay. These must be purchased as a 7-day, one-month or three-month plans. You will need to make sure your phone is unlocked if you do pursue this option. Alternatively, speak to your network provider to see what data bundles they have on offer to ensure you keep the cost of your mobile phone bill down.


What about duty free?

For those who are keen on getting high end products at cheaper prices, fear not because Brexit won’t affect duty free. Travelling outside of the EU you may also get the best deals available at the airport.


If you have any further questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the travel specialists at England Rugby Travel on [email protected] or 0344 788 5005.